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Kitchen Design Guidelines


Kitchen Work Triangle
The kitchen work triangle is a design concept that can help create efficient use of kitchen work spaces. The idea is that a line drawn to the refrigerator, sink, and stove should create a relatively even-sided triangle within which the major kitchen activities take place. Click kitchen work triangle to read more about it.
U-Shape Kitchen Layout
Kitchen Layout is the shape of arrangement of the kitchen cabinet and kitchen appliances, kitchen layout forms the structure and the design of our kitchen. Five basic kitchen layout is One Wall Kitchen Layout, Galley Kitchen Layout, L-Shape Kitchen Layout, U-Shape Kitchen Layout, G-Shaped. Click Kitchen Layout to read more about it.
Small Kitchen'
Small kitchen design involve a design of a arrangement of all the necessity in the a small kitchen, including cooktop, washing area (sink), food preparation area, storage cabinets and refrigerator etc. Click Small Kitchen Design to read more about Small Kitchen.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen designer is someone who designs the various aspects of the kitchen.Kitchen designer has to take care of a number of things such as the storage and the safety as it has to be designed not only to look appealing but to be highly functional as well in both residential homes and commercial places like hotels. Click Kitchen Designer to read more about it.