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In Space Decor established in 2006, we involve in home interior design more than 6 years, our home interior design products including Kitchen Cabinet, TV Cabinet, Living Room Cabinet, Book Shelf, Display Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bed Head, Study Room Cabinet etc. Our home interior design services including design, production and installation. We are a one stop home interior design services company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In Space Decor's designer familiar in Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Bedroom Design and Study Room Design. We help you to plan and design your home with space available and your expected budget, we familiar in help you to build a comfortable, beautiful and functional interior design with describe your personal style and taste. We are good in budget planning, we help a lot Kuala Lumpur people to build up their home with the limited budget.

Home space become expensive in Klang Valley, space in our home become smaller and smaller, we need have a proper and professional space planning and interior design to ensure we use our limited space in efficiency way.



Home Interior Design - Living Room Design


Living Room Design with TV Cabinet

We need ensure enough space in living room for our family to relax, entertain and socialize, at the same we have enough space for our furniture, storage and media components. TV cabinet is one of the main cabinet in our living room to hold our media components such as television, DVD player, Astro set, speaker etc. TV cabinet is both functional and decorative in our living room.

Home Interior Design - Kitchen Design


Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen is the space for us cook and prepared food for our family members, Kitchen cabinet is the main component in our kitchen. Kitchen cabinet creates the storage solutions, and integrate our kitchen appliances with the rest of the room. Kitchen cabinet defines the style and functionality of the kitchen.

Interior Design - Bedroom Design


Bedroom Design

Bedroom is a private room for us to sleep for the night or relax during the day. It is a space for us to relax and intimate with our family members. Bedroom wardrobes are essential furniture in our bedroom, wardrobe is use for storing our clothes and personal things. The design of the bedroom wardrobes is to fulfil our storage purposes and enhance the view of bedroom. .

Home Interior Design - Study Room Design


Study Room Design

Study room is a room for us to use for paperwork, computer work, reading and studying. Majority of the study room in Malaysia is for their children to do their homework and do computer work.  Study room cabinet is the main furniture in study room, study room cabinet provides space of working, storage and determine the view and styles of study room.


In Space Decor - Your Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Bedroom Design and Study Room Design Partner in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Malaysia


We specialize in designing, producing and installing Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Living Room Cabinet, TV Cabinet, Study Room Cabinet etc. We are direct from factory. Our service area including Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Ampang, Setia Alam, PJ, Shah Alam, Klang, Gambak, Selayang, Kota Damasara, Puchong etc. Please contact us for free consultation & quotation for your home design.